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Warta Kebijakan Iptek dan Manajemen Litbang
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Agus Santoso*, Teddy Lesmana**

*Pusat Penelitian Perkembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi
**Pusat Penelitian Ekonomi - LIPI

This paper describes that the growth dynamics of electronic industrial productivity consists of three periodical policies these are the period of import substitution industry in the oil boom era (1976-1981), the post oil boom period, in which the policy of import substitution had been redirected (1982-1985), and the period of industrial policy transformation into export promotion. Yet, the implementation of those three policys phases had not been successfull accelerate technology capability enhancement significantly. From the post crisis decade (1998) up to now, our technology capability has been lacked behind compared to other Asia nations. All of these are to the absence of integrated and holistic policy aimed at solving the problem of the development industry of Indonesia. The government policies issued are peripheral, meaning that the policies are reactive in nature without systematically and consistently developing technological-based industries in general, especially in electronic industry.

Publikasi : WKIML 6 (2008) No. 1 » halaman Daftar Isi
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