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Warta Kebijakan Iptek dan Manajemen Litbang
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Mohamad Arifin

Pusat Penelitian Perkembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi - LIPI

Strategic science and technology are those which potentially give a great support for peoples welfare, country development, nations defense and security, environmental maintenance, preservation of the nation cultural noble values, and improvement of human life. Nowadays, economic growth is utilized to evaluate economic situation of a country since it is an important indicator to be used for measuring the development of a country or a region. The share of the government spending on research and development (R&D) to gross domestic product (GDP) seems to decline exponentially. If this became a continuous trend, then the expectation of 1 (one) percent share of R&D spending to GDP for developing countries would be hard to achieve in Indonesia. The regression analysis tells that the effect of government R&D spending to GDP is as much 1.78, and it is statistically significant.

Publikasi : WKIML 6 (2008) No. 1 » halaman Daftar Isi
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